Create, repeat, improve

I’m Colin Brewer. I specialise in designing and building elegant websites and applications that are meticulous, humane, playful, and easy to use.


Wherever possible, I’ll design in-browser with code to allow for a greater understanding of interactivity and flexibility across all browser types and screen sizes – from smart phone and tablets to large desktops. Working either freelance, as part of a start-up, or as part of a larger design agency, I have been involved in projects ranging from small, independent clients to multi-national corporations.

My spare time is spent experimenting with personal design projects and drawing and painting whenever possible.

What I do

  • Salesforce
  • Hubspot
  • Web and Application Design
  • Front-end Development (HTML5, CSS3, jQuery)
  • UI Design
  • Logo Design & Brand Development
  • Branding
  • Illustration

I have…

  • A passion for exploring and solving complex problems through design
  • A diverse portfolio that shows good aesthetic judgment and attention to detail as well as excellent use of typography, colour, and imagery
  • Familiarity with the nuances of designing for multiple platforms and devices
  • The ability to learn quickly and give, seek and receive thoughtful critical feedback
  • Interest in design research and usability studies
  • Experience working effectively in small teams as well as autonomously
  • Experience in prototyping with design tools and code


Hubspot Certifications