Woodland Trust

The UK’s leading woodland conservation charity. Planting trees, protecting woods and inspiring people to enjoy the nature on their doorstep.

Woodland Trust Raffle

The Woodland Trust Raffle runs quarterly (Feb, April, July, Oct). Approx. 60K members and supporters, previous players and non players, are invited to play by post.  Raffle packs comprise an A4 extended letter/reply form, flyer and BRE.  Response is via post only.  Tickets are £2 each and currently 15 ticket numbers are pre-printed on the letter/reply form.  Players responding within 2 weeks are entered into an ‘early bird’ prize draw to win an extra prize (currently an exclusively designed WT eco bag).

The number of active raffle players is declining therefore The Woodland Trust needed to reach out to a new audience.


  • Create an online raffle that fits with the WT brand
  • Features on the WT homepage
  • Is easy and quick to navigate
  • Provides all legislative content
  • Prompts the user to play or buy tickets, call to action on each page
  • Is trackable by google analytics
  • Easy to change the theme for each new raffle
  • Maximises income with the ability to make donations and  sign up to Gift Aid in addition to purchasing raffle tickets.

Target Audiences – Who?

  • Existing and lapsed raffle players – members and supporters
  • Warm  – members and supporters who have not yet played the raffle
  • New to file – new to the Woodland Trust

Seasonal banners

Woodland Trust spring banner

Woodland Trust winter banner

Woodland Trust autumn banner


Overarching proposition: Help save our woods and trees, play our raffle today.

The Woodland Trusts aim is the same across all audiences.  They need to illustrate the beauty of woods during wintertime and showcase some of the wildlife people may find.  Ultimately, they want people to feel the need for further woodland creation to protect wildlife habitats.  They want them to think that playing the raffle is a fun way.

Key Messages – reasons to play

The importance of planting more trees (flood mitigation, creating more habitats for thousands of plant and animal species, soaking up carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen, health and well being)


A sense of urgency to help us raise funds for woodland creation and tree planting but in a fun and engaging way. Support the Woodland Trust but with a chance a win some fabulous cash prizes.




Design, UX, UI, IA, HTML & CSS



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