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I designed a logo for my brother who works for the Middlesbrough council. He was setting up a new scheme to encourage people within the council to help with the local foodbank initiative. What he wanted was a ‘catchy name’ and an identity for posters to appear around the offices and on the food bins where people would be dropping off their donations.

share scheme poster
share scheme poster
  • Middlesbrough has one of the fastest growing Foodbanks in the country and will shortly have provided meals to over 1000 people in its short time of operation.
  • It is a sad fact that poverty and hardship issues are contributing to the rise of foodbanks, but they are providing a vital service and preventing worse and more expensive crises from affecting individuals, families and local communities.
  • The Foodbank, operated by volunteers in local faith facilities, can provide relief food parcels to individuals and families up to three times a year when they are in acute need of assistance, for instance, where unexpected and emergency circumstances occur. A nutritionally balanced parcel for approximately three days, with menus and cooking suggestions, is distributed to such households, and they are offered advice, assistance and referrals to other agencies where needed.
  • The Foodbank relies on donations from ‘food drives’, where shoppers in local supermarkets are provided with a list of suggested items to purchase and donate. Many of the larger local supermarkets are offering support to the scheme, but more help is needed.

This is how we came up with the ‘catchy’ name for the scheme.

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