Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping

I’ve tried many ways of kick starting a project including different ways of wireframing – be it pen and paper, Photoshop, Balsamiq or Designing in the Browser (frontend templates like HTML5 Boilerplate helps you to kick start projects quickly “helping you build fast, robust, and adaptable apps or sites”).


I was approached by a start-up company to produce an Admin section and Dashboard for their remote monitoring hardware and software solutions. As usual the project was needed yesterday so I looked around for ways of getting the design and frontend stage started as quickly as possible. I was looking for a way to rapidly iterate my design ideas – Bootstrap was a great tool to bring those ideas to life in an instant.

With Bootstrap it enabled me to create highly interactive and realistic designs for the client to actually play with rather than looking at static visuals to sign off. Creating a css framework that is flexible, follows latest standards and is thoroughly tested would take days even months of work – a project within itself and I didn’t have the time to do this.


Working remotely with the company it enabled me to explore the nature of the problem, devise possible solutions, and iterate through alternatives. In my experience that usually means trying things out, making mistakes, and trying again until I get it right. This prototype became the foundations for the first phase of the product.

Saying all of that – every project I work on will always start with ink first!


Read more about the work I have done for EkkoSense.

Colin Brewer

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