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oe:gen is the UK’s leading Smarketing agency. By combining people-focused strategy, creative and digital experts with leading software platforms, such as Hubspot and Saleforce, they help B2B professionals build experiences people love at every stage of the customer journey.

Business is about people, oe:gen make sure people have the best possible experience.


The challenge their clients face is they all (marketing, sales and customer management) want to grow their company’s revenue and profit and can all work really hard to do that. If they do it alone it will only deliver so much increase. However, if they become truly aligned / work together than can achieve massive increases.
oe:gen can help solve their problems with 7 solutions:

  1. Digital strategy
  2. Growth driven website design
  3. Inbound marketing
  4. Inbound sales
  5. Sales funnel effectiveness
  6. Customer relationship management
  7. Customer service and support

oe:gens platforms and services all play a part in these solutions.


‘Your business can grow with marketing, sales and operations working separately, but imagine the possibilities if they were completely aligned.’

Growth driven design

‘Don’t be bound by your website’s traditional design. Constantly test, edit and improve it instead by getting hard data to work from.’

oe:gen hubspot site


You can read more about the new growth-driven website here: oe:gen blog

Read about how I developed a set of icons for the site in my blog post: Icons and Symbols

Ideas and experiments can be found on oe:gens Pinterest account:
Style guide ideas.
Blog illustration ideas.




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