Financial Express – Microsoft Orchard & Hubspot

Financial Express deliver industry-leading data, software, and analysis that is trusted by thousands of financial advisers and institutions to make better investment decisions.

Financial Express Orchard CMS website

What makes FE remarkable?

  1. A real passion & vision – to improve the asset management industry by helping people make better investment decisions
  2. Vertical integration of offering – advisor + data coverage -connect the dots / link pieces together…
  3. British – own the No1 financial market in world
  4. Dynamic, entrepreneurial and customer-focused
  5. No jargon, embrace transparency, communicate clearly what is truly going on.

Financial Express Orchard CMS website


Combine core sites under one domain -
‘Corporate site’ to become:

  1. Customer-centric
  2. Integration HubSpot blog/landing pages
  3. Sales focussed / forms / clear CTAs
  4. Lead-generating / nurturing
  5. Mobile friendly
  6. Brand cohesion




Hubspot, Microsoft Orchard CMS, IA, Design, HTML, CSS & JavaScript


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