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At oe:gen, we’ve been creating a visual brand, developing a website and implementing Salesforce for the new start-up company Movebubble.

Design Process

To kick start the project we created a kind of mood board within Photoshop. We created colour schemes, typeface combinations, textures, examples of buttons and form layouts to communicate the essence of the Movebubble brand. These were loosely designed and used to create discussions within the team of designers, developers and project managers. More crucially they were used to ascertain the clients preferences and goals of the website.


So Photoshop, in this instance, played a vital role in creating an atmosphere and rhythm for the website and brand. Then came the UX and IA bit. As the web designer my role was to design an elegant, intuitive user experience. This was the first time in a long while were I wasn’t playing a front end build role too. So instead of designing a couple of main pages and key elements in Photoshop, then diving into the build and creating a flat build of the site, I was designing every page then sending it over to the front end developer. But a website isn’t a static picture and this is where I question Photoshops role at this stage of the design process.

HTML Prototypes

In his article about Responsive Web Design in the Browser Josh Long states that the first stage is to “Kill Photoshop”.

I agree that the quicker you get out of Photoshop the better – creating html prototypes – and not pushing pixels around and designing every conceivable page within the site. But I do love Photoshop. I love the design process and developing ideas with pen and paper. Photoshop is just one part of this process for me and an essential one. I’m not a design in the browser convert just yet but I have been playing around with web apps like typecast recently.

Talking About Building

Here are some really great interviews about the design and build process amongst other topics… Talking About Building.

Talking About Building

Wilson Miner – When We Build

Wilson Miner – When We Build from Build on Vimeo.

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