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The logo

Creating a logo and developing a brand with a client has to be one of the most challenging and rewarding aspects of my job. But it’s not something I do every day. This year I’ve primarily been working on Salesforce Customer Portals and Knowledge Bases – branding and building for Talk Talk, BBC, Misys and Midland HR. So it was a welcome relief to work on something less ‘technical’.

I worked closely with the client from the very beginning – bringing to life our ideas to create a logo and website for the new startup company.

Background to the project

Co-creation is a new model content and digital marketing agency. They help create marketing that customers really want, as smartly as possible. Co-creation is the difference between people creating a good idea for you and people working together to make a good idea great. They do this by bringing together the customer’s voice, with best practice expertise and a flexible network of specialists, all led by a strategic thinker, to co-create greater customer experiences (for commercial success).

  1. Strategic: Smart, thoughtful, integrated experts plan and oversee the work
  2. Holistic: The right specialist co-creators chosen for each engagement
  3. Personal: Senior people manage the relationship so add value throughout
  4. Smart: More value, less waste

Logo development

logo development

Some of the ideas were based around the idea of the “co” symbol resembling/suggesting an infinite loop – ongoing revenue, learning, sharing, combining and renewing… and so on…

Others were born out of a linkage/molecular idea (Molecular biology chiefly concerns itself with understanding the interactions between the various systems of a cell…). This also became very much about a continued link with customers/clients/specialists – having a continuing relationship.

The outcome

co-creation marketing brand development

The device has four coloured overlapping layers representing the different discipline specialists and co-creation bringing them all together. We tried to keep the symbol simple – too many layers appeared to make working with co-creation complex.

The typeface used is Museo Sans Rounded which is based on the well-known Museo Sans. Its a slightly rounded and fairly neutral font which works well against the colourful descriptive symbol to its left.

Regular meetings and a well-thought-out brief played a big part at the start of the project evolving throughout the time we spent developing the logo and designing the website – its essential that everyone has the same understanding and goals in mind.


This film sets out to discover how some creatives define and use the brief to deliver exceptional creative results.

…while every project will still start with a brief, the dream is that more projects end up exceptional because of how these creative titans inspire (or re-inspire) the way we all think about briefs.

Briefly from Bassett & Partners on Vimeo.

Aaron Draplin Takes On a Logo Design Challenge

Most logos aren't designed in fifteen minutes, but most designers aren't Aaron Draplin. Aaron's a Portland fixture by way of the Midwest, the owner of Draplin Design Co., and an advocate of "blue collar" design: design that works. Here he takes a logo design challenge, creating a dozen iterations of a logo for a fictional construction company. Not inspired? Just wait. Watch as he sketches, brings his ideas into Illustrator, and tests and tunes the different iterations. The logos Aaron creates prove design can elevate any company or brand. Along the way, he provides tips for freelancing, finding inspiration, and providing clients context for logos that won't just live in PDFs.

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